Letter from the President – Lynda Roberts
Greetings! In a way it seems ages ago, and in a way it seems like yesterday - the 201[more]
Announcing the launch of IEA’s new website!
I am very excited to announce that IEA's new website IS LIVE! And I'm thrilled to share sever[more]
Meet the Board
Meet the Board – Carla Smith
What is your name? Carla Smith Where were you born? I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.[more]
Meet the Board – Mette Hvied Lauesen
What is your name? Mette Hvied Lauesen Where were you born? Vejle, Denmark Where do you li[more]
Meet the Board – Leslie Hershberger
What is your name? Leslie Hershberger Where were you born? Chicago, Illinois, USA Where [more]
News from the IEA Colorado Chapter
Hello! I hope you were able to join us this month for Bobbi and Richard Dash's program on Relations[more]
Bea Chestnut at the Norwegian IEA Affiliate
On Friday 9 and Saturday the 10 of September the Norwegian branch of IEA arranged an exciting wo[more]
What is Subtype? – Eric R. Meyer, PhD
The 2016 IEA Global Conference began with a pre-conference conversation between Russ Hudson, Jack Ki[more]
Matters of Objective Truth: Science and the Enneagram – Mario Sikora
(Note: This article is adapted from a letter Mario Sikora wrote to the IEA board of directors. It is[more]
The Trap of Self-Improvement – Sarah Walston
  One of the greatest temptations in working with our enneatypes is to judge or blame ou[more]
Coping with Crises: How Can the Enneagram Help Us when Our Towers Break Down? –  Marcelo Aguirre
Crises are some of the most significant human experiences. All of us have encountered them at times.[more]
Too Good To Be True –  Mette Hvied Lauesen
You know the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, in many ways that [more]
“Let it Go” –  “Frozen” and the Enneagram Type One – Gary Houchens
Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, Frozen, occupies a major role in my house right now. I took [more]
“House, M.D.”: An Appreciation and Analysis by Mario Sikora
 Spoiler alert: For those of you in the US who may not yet have caught up with the final season, an[more]
John Lennon, An Enneagram Profile by Gavan Kearney
John Lennon is one of the great icons of rock music and popular culture. As a member of t[more]
Tips for How to Write a Proposal for the 2017 IEA Conference
If you're thinking about submitting a workshop proposal for the 2017 IEA Conference, here's a link to a video with tips abou[more]
Report on “The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss” from the 2016 IEA Conference – Courtney McCall
My family and I recently visited Schoodic Point, Maine, the rocky tip of a peninsula bordering the ocean. The slam and splash[more]
Reflections on Conversations that Transform – Takeaways from a First-Time Participant at the 2016 IEA Conference
Conversations that Transform... the 2016 IEA Global Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota Takeaways from a First-Time Part[more]
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Lettre du Président de l’AIE – Par Lynda Roberts
  Bonjour, J'ai du mal à croire que six semaines ont déjà passé depuis la nouvelle an[more]
En pensant à l’Ennéagramme – 3. L’effet de Dunning-Kruger et une suggestion – Mario Sikora
Un syndrome apparaît chez de nombreux étudiants d'arts martiaux (comprenez, c'est ce qui est arriv[more]
Les clés pour changer – 9 – Tom Condon
Les motivations des Neuf à changer sont diverses et variées. Les maux qu’ils rencontrent incluen[more]