Letter from the President – Lynda Roberts
February, 2016 Greetings! It's hard to believe that we're already over six weeks into a ne[more]
Letter from the IEA President, Lynda Roberts
Greetings! Since writing last, I've had the opportunity to experience not one, but two IEA Confer[more]
Meet the Board
Meet the Board – Leslie Hershberger
What is your name? Leslie Hershberger Where were you born? Chicago, Illinois, USA Where [more]
Meet the Board – Brian Mitchell-Walker
What is your name? Brian Mitchell-Walker Where were you born? Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (n[more]
Meet the Board – Belinda Gore
What is your name? Belinda Gore Where were you born? Dayton, Ohio (USA) Where do you liv[more]
에니어코칭 9-단계:  변형(변화)을 위한 9가지 지점.  By Eduardo Reis Torgal
방법론 에니어그램은 지혜의 상징들이다.  에니어그램의 상징을 이해하[more]
Relational Psychology of the Enneatypes – Part II: Personality by Eric R. Meyer, PhD
Type behaviors aren’t merely outdated habits based on simple misperceptions; they continue to be d[more]
Relational Psychology of the Enneatypes – Part I: Relationship by Eric R. Meyer, PhD
Enneatype patterns are widely understood as childhood “survival strategies”.  While the resulti[more]
The Exquisite Symmetry: Human Biology & the Enneagram by Karen Van Zino, M.D.
The Exquisite Symmetry Human Biology & the Enneagram The Enneagram is remarkable in the [more]
Enneacoaching 9 Steps – The 9 Stations of Transformation by Eduardo Reis Torgal
About the Methodology The Enneagram is a wisdom of symbols. Understanding its symbols is having a[more]
The Enneagram, Stereotyping, and the Fundamental Attribution Error – Mario Sikora
Mid-day on Sunday our cable went out. Not just the cable TV, but the phone and internet connection t[more]
“Let it Go” –  “Frozen” and the Enneagram Type One – Gary Houchens
Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, Frozen, occupies a major role in my house right now. I took [more]
“House, M.D.”: An Appreciation and Analysis by Mario Sikora
 Spoiler alert: For those of you in the US who may not yet have caught up with the final season, an[more]
John Lennon, An Enneagram Profile by Gavan Kearney
John Lennon is one of the great icons of rock music and popular culture. As a member of t[more]
Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop – Essence and Ego: The Eternal Drama with Helene Makani & Christian Brym
Essence and Ego – The Eternal Drama The basic idea of the Enneagram model is to learn the difference between Personality[more]
Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop – The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss – Sandra Smith
The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss Exploration of grief and loss through the lens of our Enneagram personality is ey[more]
Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop – The Undivided Self: A Lively Conversation about the Transformative Power of Releasing Beliefs that Bind Us – Karen DeHart
Hello!  I will be offering a fun, innovative workshop called, “The Undivided Self: A Lively Conversation about the Transfo[more]
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Lettre du Président de l’AIE – Par Lynda Roberts
  Bonjour, J'ai du mal à croire que six semaines ont déjà passé depuis la nouvelle an[more]
En pensant à l’Ennéagramme – 3. L’effet de Dunning-Kruger et une suggestion – Mario Sikora
Un syndrome apparaît chez de nombreux étudiants d'arts martiaux (comprenez, c'est ce qui est arriv[more]
Les clés pour changer – 9 – Tom Condon
Les motivations des Neuf à changer sont diverses et variées. Les maux qu’ils rencontrent incluen[more]