IEA President’s Letter Post 2017 Conference – Curt Micka
IEA President's Letter Post 2017 Conference                                 [more]
IEA President’s Letter, June 2017 – Curt Micka
The Enneagram in the Real World I've heard some people say that the study of the Enneagram is[more]
Meet the Board
Welcome Montse Fernandez to the IEA Board!
Where were you born? In Barcelona Where do you live?  I live in Rubi, a city located next to B[more]
Meet the Board – Jan Shegda
What's your name? Jan Shegda Where were you born? Chicago, IL Where do you live? De[more]
Meet the Board – Carla Smith
What is your name? Carla Smith Where were you born? I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.[more]
Type Nine in Recovery Part 1
 By Michael Naylor, M.Ed., CCS, LADC, CCPC  Copyright 2018 Version 1 The Healthy Type Nine [more]
The Trouble with Typing by Tom Condon
The Trouble With Typing by Tom Condon   “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by th[more]
Why Sixes Are Loyal – Eric R. Meyer, PhD
Why Sixes Are Loyal Enneatype Six is an anxious pattern, involving chronic uncertainty and an act[more]
An Interview with Sara Davis, Founder and Curator of the Facebook Group, Enneagram Openings
Below is a written interview with Sara Davis, founder of Enneagram Openings, an Enneagram Facebo[more]
Why Ones Appreciate – Eric R. Meyer, PhD
  Enneatype One is known for self-critical perfectionism.  While we all find failure painfu[more]
  (This article originally appeared on Mario’s blog at I’[more]
Why Ones Appreciate
Enneatype One is known for self-critical perfectionism. While we all find failure painful and can be[more]
“Let it Go” –  “Frozen” and the Enneagram Type One – Gary Houchens
Disney’s latest animated blockbuster, Frozen, occupies a major role in my house right now. I took [more]
“House, M.D.”: An Appreciation and Analysis by Mario Sikora
 Spoiler alert: For those of you in the US who may not yet have caught up with the final season, an[more]
Summary of an Upcoming Workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference – Triads: The Foundation of Transformatdional Practice
Triads: The Foundation of Transformational Practice by Mike Block Most of us dove into the deep end of the Enneagram and f[more]
Summary of an Upcoming Workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference – What Is the Sensation of That?
Somatic Focusing and the Enneagram Are we allowing the full range of our human experience? How would our experience of ea[more]
Summary of an upcoming workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference – Writing Your Enneagram Journey
“Writing Your Enneagram Journey” Presenter: Melanie Bell We all have stories about who we are, sh[more]
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Lettre du Président de l’AIE – Par Lynda Roberts
  Bonjour, J'ai du mal à croire que six semaines ont déjà passé depuis la nouvelle an[more]
En pensant à l’Ennéagramme – 3. L’effet de Dunning-Kruger et une suggestion – Mario Sikora
Un syndrome apparaît chez de nombreux étudiants d'arts martiaux (comprenez, c'est ce qui est arriv[more]
Les clés pour changer – 9 – Tom Condon
Les motivations des Neuf à changer sont diverses et variées. Les maux qu’ils rencontrent incluen[more]
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