IEA Brazil Announces the new Board

It´s with great pleasure that I introduce you the new board of IEA Brazil.

Between May 24th and 26th, we held our Membership Meeting in Fortaleza / CE, in the northeast of Brazil. In this meeting, the board, led by Alaor Passos and associates, gathered to work on strengthening our community, in a atmosphere of great unity and motivation.

After a difficult year for the association in terms of  finance, we thought about practical alternatives so that we can make our work more sustainable. In addition, we chose a new board, which will focus in the next two years to fulfill the following purposes:

1) True commitment to quality and ethical education in the Enneagram;

2) Care to maintain and expand the respect and integration among the different schools, teachers and ways to understand and apply the Enneagram in Brazil;

3) Commitment to use the Enneagram in the service of personal, social and planetary transformation, taking this knowledge both to people who can afford to pay for a course and for those who are socially vulnerable.

In this sense, we also commit ourselves closer to the IEA Global, exchanging experiences with other affiliates so that we can grow together and we can form a large and united global community of Enneagram enthusiasts and professionals.

Therefore, we present the board that will manage the IEA Brazil between 2013 and 2015 in the following photo, from left to right, are Ranny Alonso (communications director), André Prudente (President), Marilena Bigoto ( Creative Director), Odete Freitas (director of events), Domingos Cunha (director of social initiatives), Luis Nogueira (Financial director), Suzane Costa (executive secretary) and Erick Rastelli (vice president).

IEA Brazil Board

I say goodbye with the conviction that the Enneagram will always help people be better and it will continue to expand in Brazil and around the world through all the professionals and schools that build this inspiring global community.

We believe that IEA Brazil can be a good mirror for all those who wish to learn from our source.

With love,

André Prudente (Brazil President IEA)

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