IEA President's Letter Post 2017 Conference - Curt Micka

IEA President’s Letter Post 2017 Conference                                     September, 2017

Hello! I find myself still thinking about the recent Conference in San Antonio with a smile on my face. The IEA Board has heard...Read More »*

IEA President's Letter, June 2017 - Curt Micka

The Enneagram in the Real World

I’ve heard some people say that the study of the Enneagram is either too heady, too esoteric, or too other-worldly. That it’s not really “of the world”.

But I’m also more and more aware of people who are using the Enneagram “in the world” to...Read More »*

Letter from the President2 - Curt Micka


Letter from the IEA President, Curt Micka                                                                            ...

Letter from the President - Curt Micka

Letter from President banner

January, 2017

Greetings from Minneapolis…

It’s cold here! But human connection is always heartwarming and my hope is that as we connect and share with each other, we might spread more warmth across the planet.

So to begin… I’m honored that the IEA Board has placed its confidence in me...Read More »*

Letter from the President - Lynda Roberts

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December, 2016

Season’s Greetings!

As 2016 draws to a close, my two-year term as IEA President and my six-year term on the IEA Board are also coming to an end.  Next week I will be rolling off the Board and passing the IEA President torch to Curt Micka.  I’m...Read More »*

Letter from the President - Lynda Roberts


In a way it seems ages ago, and in a way it seems like yesterday – the 2016 IEA Global Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that is.  One of the reasons it seems like yesterday is that I’m listening to the conference recordings as I drive about...Read More »*

Announcing the launch of IEA's new website!


I am very excited to announce that IEA’s new website IS LIVE!

And I’m thrilled to share several new features:

A Gorgeous, Updated “Responsive” Design:  The new site looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

An Easy Way to Showcase Your Professional Offerings:  Tell the world...Read More »*

Carta del Presidente de la IEA - Por Lynda Roberts


Febrero 2016

¡Saludos a todos!

Es difícil de creer que ya pasaron seis semanas desde el año nuevo.  Durante este tiempo estuve muy ocupada junto con el Directorio  de la IEA.  Comenzamos el año con nuestra reunión de enero en Minneapolis, Minnesota (donde nos encontraremos otra vez en julio para...Read More »*

Letter from the President - Lynda Roberts

February, 2016


It’s hard to believe that we’re already over six weeks into a new year.  It’s been a very busy time for me and the IEA Board.  We kicked off the New Year with our January Board meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota (where we will all be...Read More »*

Letter from the IEA President, Lynda Roberts


Since writing last, I’ve had the opportunity to experience not one, but two IEA Conferences – the IEA Global Conference in San Francisco and the IEA European Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  True to the three pillars of the IEA mission, both offered rich opportunities for engagement, education, and certainly reflected excellence. ...Read More »*

Letter from the IEA President - Lynda Roberts

Yay!  The 2015 IEA Global Conference at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel is coming up soon (July 30-Aug 1) and I’m excited.  I find myself periodically checking the new IEA Conference App on my i-phone to review the list of people who will be attending.  One of the things...Read More »*

State of the IEA - Update from the IEA President, Lynda Roberts

State of the IEA

January, 2015

IEA Membership:  The IEA currently has over 1,800 members worldwide with 825 IEA Global members and over 1,000 members through our International Affiliates and local US Chapters.

IEA Conferences:

Global Conference:  Over 400 people attended last year’s IEA Global Conference in San Francisco and we’re sure to...Read More »*

Letter from the IEA President - Lynda Roberts

By Lynda Roberts, President, IEA Board of Director

As we enter into 2015 and I write this, my first “Letter from the President” to you, I am excited and looking forward to serving as IEA President.  Looking ahead, I can’t help but also look back, and what arises for me is...Read More »*

Letter from the President - December, 2014

By María José Munita, President, IEA Board of Directors

Season’s Greetings!

We are at this time of the year where no matter how and what we celebrate, it’s usually busy. But it’s also a time when we look back to appreciate and learn from the experiences of the year we are leaving behind....Read More »*

Lettre de la Présidente

Je suis rentrée du Portugal en début de semaine. J’y ai assisté à l’édition 2014 de conférence Européenne de l’Ennéagramme. Avant de parler de la conférence, je dois partager combien j’ai apprécié de Lisbonne; c’est une ville douce et dynamique, qui vous donne envie d’y rester pour toujours.

La conférence a...

Carta del Presidente


A comienzos de esta semana volví de Portugal, donde participé en la Conferencia Europea de Eneagrama de la IEA de este año. Antes de hablar sobre la conferencia misma, les tengo que compartir cuánto disfruté Lisboa; es una ciudad amable y vibrante, que hace que uno se quiera quedar ahí...Read More »*

Letter from the President

I came back from Portugal early this week, where I attended the 2014 European Enneagram conference. Before I discuss the conference, I have to share how much I enjoyed Lisbon; it’s a gentle and vibrant city, which makes you want to stay there forever.

The conference was a big success, gathering...

Carta del Presidente


Marzo se siente distinto en las distintas partes del mundo; en el hemisferio norte está llegando la primavera lentamente, después de un invierno muy frio, especialmente en Estados Unidos, y en el hemisferio sur le decimos adiós al verano.

Y ya ha pasado un poco más de un mes desde...Read More »*

Brev fra IEA Globals formand, María José Munita


Marts føles anderledes i forskellige dele af verden. På den nordlige halvkugle ankommer foråret langsomt efter en kold vinter, især i USA , og på den sydlige halvkugle siger vi farvel til sommeren.

Og det er nu lidt over en måned siden at IEA Globals bestyrelse afholdt sit første in-person...Read More »*

Letter from the President


March feels different in different parts of the world; in the northern hemisphere spring is slowly arriving, after a very cold winter, especially in the US, and in the southern hemisphere we are saying goodbye to the summer.

And it’s now a little over a month since the IEA board...Read More »*

Brev fra formanden - Af María José Munita


Godt Nytår!

Jeg kan godt lide at tænke på begyndelsen af ​​et nyt år som en mulighed for at se tilbage og fejre det der blev opnået i det forgangne år, samt at se hvad der er at lære. Det er også et godt tidspunkt at se fremad og drømme samt...Read More »*

Letter from the President


Happy New Year!

I like to think about the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to look back, and celebrate what was accomplished as well as to see what there is to learn. It’s also a good time to look forward and dream; to decide which are the challenges...Read More »*

Carta del Presidente


Feliz Año Nuevo!

Me gusta pensar sobre el comienzo del año como una oportunidad para mirar atrás, y celebrar lo que se logró, así como también identificar lo que podemos aprender. Es también un buen momento para mirar hacia adelante y sonar; para decidir cuáles son las cosas que quiero lograr....Read More »*

Lettre de la Présidente



Nos « au-revoir » suite à la Conférence 2013 de l’IEA à Denver me paraissent déjà si lointains. Mais c’était il y a quelques semaines à peine !

Quand je pense à ces jours que nous avons passés à Denver, un sourire se dessine immédiatement sur ​​mon visage. Pourquoi ? Je peux...Read More »*

Pasion - Carta del Presidente




Parece que fue hace mucho cuando nos despedimos al final de la conferencia de la IEA en Denver este año. Pero solo fue hace unas semanas atrás!

Cuando me acuerdo de esos días que pasamos en Denver, una sonrisa se me dibuja inmediatamente en la cara. ¿Por qué? Ciertamente puedo...Read More »*

Letter from the President



It feels like ages ago since we said our goodbyes when the 2103 IEA conference was over. But it was only a few weeks ago!

When I think about those days we spent in Denver, a smile immediately shows on my face. Why? I can certainly mention the quality of...Read More »*

Pasión - Carta del Presidente


Tres semanas atrás tuve el lujo y el placer de asistir a la Conferencia Europea de Eneagrama IEA 2013. Tan pronto me bajé del avión, tuve que correr para poder llegar a la reunión de la afiliadas europeas, que tuvo lugar el día previo a la conferencia. Habían representantes...Read More »*

Passion - Letter from the President


Three weeks ago I had the luxury and pleasure to attend the 2013 IEA European Conference in Paris. As soon as I got off the plane, I had to run in order to participate in the European Affiliates meeting that took place the day before the conference started. There...Read More »*

Carta del Presidente - New Year 2013


Estoy sentada frente a un gran ventanal mirando como se pone en sol en el océano Pacífico mientras escribo esta carta. Aquí en Chile es verano y estoy pasando unos días en la playa para dar la bienvenida a este nuevo año. Un nuevo año que no es como cualquier...Read More »*

Letter from the President - New Year 2013

I’m sitting in front of a big window watching the sunset over the Pacific while I write this letter. It’s summer here in Chile and I’m spending a few days at the beach to welcome in the new year. It’s a new year that is not like any...Read More »*

Letter from the President - Should you be accredited?

Just the other day, the IEA office received an e-mail asking for a recommendation for an Enneagram training program. The writer pointed out that there are many training programs available, and she wanted to make sure that she selected one that was “trustworthy.”

These emails arrive frequently, and they present the...

Letter from the IEA President, October 2012

Flying into Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile, is a breathtaking experience. For the final 15 minutes of a very long flight from the United States, one flies alongside the rugged and still snow-capped Andes mountains before landing in one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in all...Read More »*

Letter from the President - New IEA Initiatives and the Value of Membership


It’s an exciting time to be a member of the IEA, and in this article I’d like to expand on what I wrote in the Letter from the President about our new initiatives.

Actually, two of the initiatives, a publishing imprint and a research task group, are new, and one, the...Read More »*

De parte del Presidente de la IEA, April


Como corresponde a una organización vibrante y dinámica, la IEA continúa evolucionando en la misma medida en que evolucionan las necesidades de nuestros miembros.

Nuestra visión de un mundo en el que el Eneagrama es ampliamente comprendido y constructivamente utilizado se mantiene, pero nuestra misión, la forma en la...Read More »*

Letter from the President, April 2012


Like any vibrant, dynamic organization, the IEA continues to evolve as the needs of our members evolve.

Our vision—a world where the Enneagram is widely understood and constructively used—remains unchanged but our mission, the way the IEA will help bring that vision to fruition, has changed. The IEA’s board...Read More »*