News from Sweden’s Enneagram Association!

News from Sweden’s Enneagram Association!

The Swedish Enneagram Association has just held it’s annual meeting, this time in Stockholm. Sweden is a long country so we divide our meetings between some of the bigger cities. The first part of the day was spent looking back over 2016. Our president Rebecka Bartolomé expressed joy over the success of the 2016 events – especially the 2-day workshop with Beatrice Chestnut that attracted 48 members. We also elected some new board members and some long-serving ones left the board.

To make it worth the trip for our members, we always have an Enneagram related workshop in the after-noon after the annual meeting. This time the topic was “Using the Enneagram in relationship”. Carina Thornberg, a member and couples-therapist, started us off by sharing some of her experiences. She talked about control dramas in relationships and how we push each other into different roles in conflicts. She also showed differences in communications styles and how that typically affects the relationship. She was followed by interviews with five couples – from all nine types – who shared how the Enneagram had helped them in their relationships. One common experience was that the Enneagram had made it easier to tolerate each other’s differences. It had also given a deeper understanding of their partner as well as fewer and more constructive conflicts.


In the last part of the day we broke out in small groups and reflected over all that we had heard over the day and our own experiences of using the Enneagram with our partners.

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