News from the IEA Brazil Affiliate

News from the IEA Brazil Affiliate

Dear all,

We’re happy to inform you that in the last meeting of members, August 31th, we elected a new board for IEA Brazil.

From 2015 to 2017 it will be possible to count with Marilena Bigoto as the president of this Association and with the following team:

  • Odete Freitas – Vice president
  • Caroline de Moraes – director of Public Relations, Communication and Expansion
  • Luiz Fernando de Medeiros – director of Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • Elaine Juliana de Souza – director of Financial
  • Luiz Carlos Garcia – director of Strategic Relationship
  • Suzanne Costa – Secretary

The new board aims to maintain the values ​​and principles of the IEA Brazil, respecting differences, communicating in a transparent way and disseminating the essence of Enneagram with ethics and responsibility.

We will seek to achieve our mission, which can be translated into the following premise: “The Enneagram is more than us”, therefore, all methodologies, schools and forms of propagation are accepted, provided they don’t distort the original content.

Please, be advised that, during the meeting, we shared information regarding Accreditation Program with all members and committed ourselves to publish more details in our website as soon as possible.

Besides that, we’d like to inform you that we’re working on the Brazilian Congress 2016 and an invitation will be send when we have all definitions.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Communication board IEA Brazil

One Response to News from the IEA Brazil Affiliate

  1. Isabel Salama says:

    CongrTulation Marielena
    Big hug
    Isabel Salama

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