Summary of an Upcoming Workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference - Triads: The Foundation of Transformatdional Practice

Triads: The Foundation of Transformational Practice by Mike Block

Most of us dove into the deep end of the Enneagram and found ourselves immersed in the details of our type.  It can be overwhelming and hard to tread water as we try to change the pattern.  Taking a look at the...Read More »*

Summary of an Upcoming Workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference - What Is the Sensation of That?

Somatic Focusing and the Enneagram

Are we allowing the full range of our human experience? How would our experience of each precious moment be enhanced if we could develop our capacity for greater embodied presence through sensory awareness? The body speaks in sensation; our thoughts, emotions,...Read More »*

Summary of an upcoming workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference – Writing Your Enneagram Journey

“Writing Your Enneagram Journey”

Presenter: Melanie Bell

We all have stories about who we are, shaped by our personality and experiences, which influence our behavior. In this presentation, we’ll identify the story we’ve been living and explore ways of creatively rewriting to uncover new possibilities for ourselves. We’ll unearth our...Read More »*

Summary of an upcoming workshop at the 2017 IEA Conference - The Living Enneagram

“The Living Enneagram”
Presenter: Joseph Benton Howell, Ph.D.
The Institute for Conscious Being (

Albert Einstein said ” No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

The Living Enneagram is composed of nine real people who sit in the configuration of the nine points,...Read More »*

Tips for How to Write a Proposal for the 2017 IEA Conference

If you’re thinking about submitting a workshop proposal for the 2017 IEA Conference, here’s a link to a video with tips about how to write an effective proposal.

And we encourage IEA Professional members who use practices that focus on either the heart, head or body center to assist people with change...Read More »*

Report on “The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss" from the 2016 IEA Conference - Courtney McCall

My family and I recently visited Schoodic Point, Maine, the rocky tip of a peninsula bordering the ocean. The slam and splash of sea against the ancient multi-faceted shelves of rock seemed sporadic, unpredictable. When my uncle noted the “dynamism” of the place, I was reminded of what I had...Read More »*

Reflections on Conversations that Transform - Takeaways from a First-Time Participant at the 2016 IEA Conference

Conversations that Transform… the 2016 IEA Global Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Takeaways from a First-Time Participant

By Kim Stege, Board member Enneagram Midwest

From the moment I arrived at the Minneapolis Marriott Hotel, I felt welcomed by the friendly, hard-working IEA Conference organizers and Board members.  My first three gatherings were 1) joining U.S....Read More »*

Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop - Essence and Ego: The Eternal Drama with Helene Makani & Christian Brym

Essence and Ego – The Eternal Drama

The basic idea of the Enneagram model is to learn the difference between Personality and Essence. The moment we understand that we are more than our Enneagram type is the moment we understand how the Enneagram can be used as a...Read More »*

Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop - The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss - Sandra Smith

The Enneagram Types in Grief & Loss

Exploration of grief and loss through the lens of our Enneagram personality is eye opening! Whether loss is related to health, shattered dreams, or relationships, our personality moves into patterns and stories that lessen anxiety in the moment, yet doesn’t allow our grieving to flow....Read More »*

Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop - The Undivided Self: A Lively Conversation about the Transformative Power of Releasing Beliefs that Bind Us - Karen DeHart

Hello!  I will be offering a fun, innovative workshop called, “The Undivided Self: A Lively Conversation about the Transformative Power of Releasing Beliefs that Bind Us”, based on the discoveries of F. M. Alexander about reactivity and how it is expressed in the whole self.

We will look at core values...

Summary of a 2016 IEA Conference Workshop - Use of the Enneagram in Deepening your Relational Communications - Barbara & Richard Dash

This workshop will provide greater clarity, confidence, connection and vitality in your relational communications. Each Enneatype hears and understands key words and communications in their own special way. We will provide you with effective and practical communication tools that enhance personal and professional relationships.

Mastering communications involves more than the accuracy...

IEA European Enneagram Conference 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark - Mette Hvied Lauesen


Denmark set the location and the four Nordic hosting countries set the tone at the European Enneagram conference in Copenhagen with the theme “Crossing Borders”. And no less than 169 guests and presenters from 6 continents and 22 countries made it a great event for all.

An international collaboration

It was...

Summary of a 2015 IEA Conference Presentation: Communication Styles for Success - Melanie Bell and Kacie Berghoef


Communication is challenging. So many factors influence it, from culture to timing, and misinterpretations abound. It’s because of communication’s tricky yet necessary nature that we’ve found it to be such a useful application for the Enneagram. Our communication workshops are popular with audiences in business and community settings,...Read More »*

Summary of a 2015 IEA Conference Workshop - Paint By Numbers: Working with the Enneagram through Creative Process and Images by Susan Dorf

Before words, there were images, and in a sense images are our first language. And much like images that appear in dreams and altered states, they can communicate to us in profound ways and with a depth of meaning that words often cannot.

I have come to realize through my life...

Early Bird Registration - Latin American IEA Conference

 Early Bird Registration!

Latin-American Enneagram Conference 2015

“Enneagram, Path of Acceptance and Coexistence”.

Argentina invites you on this journey.

It’s almost here!

Check out the truly international program for the very exciting Latin- American Conference taking place in Buenos Aires, November 6, 7, and 8, 2015.

Among...

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Jack Killen, David Daniels & Laura Baker


In this session we will explore opportunities and challenges in bringing scientific methods and empirical approaches to study of the Enneagram, including investigation of Enneagram-based health care or behavioral interventions, and exploration of fundamentally empirical questions about the origins and operation...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Belinda Gore & Becky Gorman

The Heart of the Organization: How Engaging the Heart Center Supports High-Performance Leadership

In our work with leadership coaching, we use as a foundation the three Centers of Intelligence: body, heart and head. The Centers guide the development of basic leadership skills that we condense to an easily remembered mantra:


In this...

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Diana Redmond & Curt Micka

The Transformative Power of Conflict

Conflict is a natural, common occurrence in our day-to-day lives, more so than we would like to think.  It is endemic to our human condition and based on the fundamental belief of our separateness.  Whether it is experienced as a subtle internal war, often exacerbated...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy

2015 IEA Conference Session – Transforming Your Relationship to Yourself as a Spiritual Practice

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

At a recent social function, I witnessed an experience that we all might recognize.   A  friend with many gifts—-a painter, pianist and singer, and a minister in his spiritual tradition, offered to play a demanding piano...Read More »*

Young Adult Travel Stipend Available for the 2015 IEA Conference - Consciousness in Action


Consciousness in Action is proud to offer its annual travel stipend grants for young adults under thirty to the 2015 Global International Enneagram Association conference held in San Francisco, California.  Travel stipends are awarded based upon the applicant’s use of the enneagram to create personal...Read More »*

Announcing 2015 IEA Conference Program

Here it is!! Take a look at the upcoming 2015 IEA Conference Program and if you haven’t yet registered for the Conference, do so now! You won’t want to miss it!


Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Lila Lieberman

Enneagram in Motion by Lila Lieberman

Our body responds to the story we tell ourselves. Using music, movement and facilitation we embody the Enneagram in this presentation, and move with the wisdom of this map. We experience the essence and rhythm of each type – from it’s highest gifts through...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Dr. Deborah Ooten and Beth O’Hara

Transformation and Presence by Dr. Deborah Ooten and Beth O’Hara 

In Enneagram work, we often refer to the words Presence and Essence, discuss our spirituality as consciousness, and talk about “being awake”. However, we have found that people define and describe Presence, Essence, Consciousness and Being Awake very differently, depending on...Read More »*

Join Us At the 2015 IEA Global Conference - Transformation and Change

Transformation and Change

IEA Global Conference 2015

31 July – 2 August | Pre-day Event 30 July

Dr. Matthew Fox            Marion Gilbert           Sandra Maitri              Tom Condon    ...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Hilary Langford & Lesley McPherson

Type as a ‘gateway’ to ensure victorious transformations – Using the Enneagram to map and guide successful transitions 

Life brings victories and major challenges. No one misses out!

Victorious transformations are rarely accidental.  How prepared are we to face our inevitable dramatic life changes?

In this session, we are offering new Enneagram insights to...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Stephanie Davis

From Darkness to Light – Using the Core Transformation Model on Enneagram-Specific Issues 

Core Transformation is an NLP process where negative states and self-defeating behaviors become doorways to abiding peace and bliss. You will be discover and access the positive intentions behind your worst thoughts, habits, behaviors and “stuck states”,...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Tracy Tresidder, Margaret Loftus, and Jacqui Pollock

The Nine Keys to Parenting – Tracy Tresidder, Margaret Loftus, and Jacqui Pollock 

Parenting is a multi-faceted job, and we believe there are nine fundamental components to supporting your child to become their best selves.

Join three Australian Parent Coaches at the IEA Conference in San Francisco explore not only the nine Enneagram styles,...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Susan Dorf


This is an experiential workshop using art making as a medium for accessing and understanding aspects of our own enneatypes, as well as the enneatypes of others. It is specifically developed for working with the enneagram through creative process and imagery. Because imagery is our...Read More »*

IEA Enneagram Journal - Call for Papers

141123_IEA Rebrand_logos copy

IEA Enneagram Journal – Call for Papers

Submission Deadline is February 28, 2015

The Enneagram Journal is a peer-review journal, produced by the International Enneagram Association, that features the latest and best in Enneagram writing, theory, and research. It also contains interviews with Enneagram experts, book reviews, and space for dialogue and commentary on...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Eric Lyleson

9-Rhythms: Dancing the Enneagram Cycle of Change – Eric Lyleson 

Gabrielle Roth founded a conscious dance practice called 5Rhythms.  Participants dance their way through a wave of five musical rhythms that correlate to basic rhythms of life.

The Enneagram can serve as a map of the nine phases of a cycle...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Debi Saraswati Lewis

Yoga Nine Ways – Debi Saraswati Lewis 

The ultimate goal of Yoga is to let go of our identification with constantly changing thoughts, bringing awareness to our true nature, Joy. The challenge is that our most deeply engrained mental habits are so close we often don’t recognize them.  The Enneagram...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Adelaida Harrison de Capdevielle

How to Share the Enneagram with More People – Adelaida Harrison de Capdevielle 

Do you really believe the Enneagram has changed your life and could make the world a better place? If this is true… Why don’t we have long waiting lists for our conferences and workshops?

Maybe we are doing something wrong….

I...

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Elizabeth Wagele

Liz Wagele

“The Enneagram for Teens. Building Character” – Elizabeth Wagele

Seeing the 9 types of teens in person, hearing how they experience life, will help us understand how best to nurture them. I want to ask them: “How much time do you spend doing what you want vs what others want you...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Andrea Isaacs

EnneaMotion: A Taste of Type – Andrea Isaacs

EnneaMotion, an experiential approach to learning the Enneagram, is the closest we can get to finding out what it’s like to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Experiencing the energy of the different types gives us insight and increased compassion — it is also key...Read More »*

Meet the 2015 IEA Conference Presenters - Sandra Smith

Enneagram Perspective Circles:  Mining More of our Inner Gold

with Sandra Smith, M. Div., Certified Narrative Tradition Teacher

This unique and advanced workshop creates a space to grasp more fully the complexity and dynamics of the Enneagram by mining the inner wisdom of the resource points. Too often, we refer...Read More »*

Convocatoria para Presentadores IEA Argentina 2015


Congreso IEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015

Información General para los Presentadores

Congreso Latinoamericano de Eneagrama de la IEA en Buenos Aires, Argentina, del 6 al 8 de Noviembre de 2015:

 La IEA Argentina está trabajando en la organización del próximo Congreso  Latinoamericano/ hispanohablante...Read More »*

Call for Presenters - IEA Latin American Enneagram Conference 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina

IEA Conference Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015

General Information for Presenters

IEA Latin American Enneagram Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 6 – 8 November 2015:

IEA Argentina is working to organize the next IEA Latin American, Spanish speaking, Enneagram Conference to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 6 toRead More »*

IEA Conference 2015 - Register Now at Early Bird Rates!


Back in San Francisco at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel, the 2015 Conference will showcase the Enneagram through illuminating presentations, solid tradition and wisdom, and next-generation innovation.

The IEA Conference is the premiere opportunity to connect and network with the Enneagram community from around the globe.

Over 50 speakers will be joining us...

Extra! Extra! - Read All About It! Information concerning proposal submission: 2015 IEA Conference


IEA 2015 Conference – Proposal Submission Information

It is time to consider, plan, write and submit a proposal for the 2015 IEA Global Conference.

Some things to know:

There will be six sessions running concurrently and six total time slots – thirty-six (36) presentations total.  Larger rooms than 2014 are...Read More »*

New Nine Points editor

Hi Everyone –

I’d like to briefly introduce myself as the new editor of the IEA Nine Points magazine/blog, replacing Peter McNab who has done a magnificent job as Nine Points editor for the past 3+ years. Thank you Peter, for your dedication, time and energy, and vision for how Nine...Read More »*

News from the Minnesota Chapter

Minnesota logo.jpg.jpg

Join us June 18 for the Roseville Enneagram Discussion Group

The Roseville Discussion Group will meet on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

The focus of our discussion will be on the Enneagram in our work situations. One member recommended reading Michael Goldberg’s “9 Ways of Working” for...Read More »*

WED Noticias de Tenerife

Reflexión sobre un proceso de Transformación desde la perspectiva del Eneagrama

Las fotos incluidas en el texto han sido tomadas a lo largo de la experiencia desarrollada para celebrar el Día Internacional de Eneagrama, Tenerife 2014

El eneagrama es un sistema o mapa que fundamentalmente precisa de la necesidad de conocer...Read More »*

WED Evento en Madrid

Evento gratuito que realicé el día 30/5/14 en el Colegio Los Sauces de los Peñascales de Madrid para jóvenes que terminan el colegio y están por hacer selectividad. La conferencia se llamaba: ¿Cuál es mi talento?: El Eneagrama, una herramienta para descubrir las potencialidades. Asistieron 40 jóvenes y profesores.Read More »*

Fotografías del WED Evento de Espana

...

Fotografías y el informe del WED Evento de Argentina

El Sábado 31 de Mayo la Asociación Argentina de Eneagrama realizó un taller abierto y gratuito de 09.30 a 13.00 h., adhiriendo de éste modo a la celebración del Día Mundial del Eneagrama, con el propósito de difundir el Eneagrama.


El Taller “El Eneagrama: una puerta para el encuentro...Read More »*

WED Noticias de Chile

...

Thoughts about the Enneagram on WED from Las Vegas

May 24

From Illania Edwards…“I have always been a seeker of balance and questioning how my piece of the puzzle fits into the world. Learning and applying the Enneagram has brought clarity, a sense of purpose and direction and a greater understanding of each and every person and situation I come...Read More »*

WED Noticias de Colombia

Asunto: 24 de Mayo, Día Internacional del Eneagrama – Medellin, Colombia

En Medellín, Colombia, se celebró el Día Internacional del Eneagrama en el centro HappyYoga,

Se reunieron aproximadamente 15 personas entre las 11am y la 1pm, Catalina Rico dirigió el encuentro.

Se hizo un recorrido de una hora por los 3 Centros...Read More »*

Meet the Board - Curt Micka

What is your name?

Curt Micka

Where were you born?

Litchfield, Minnesota, USA

Where do you live?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

What do you do?

I help individuals and organizations manage conflict more constructively, compassionately, and creatively. I use the Enneagram in almost...Read More »*

Meet The Board - Angie Arendt

What is your name?

Angie Arendt

Where were you born?

Oskaloosa, Iowa (US)

Where do you live?

Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

What do you do?

As an Enneagram teacher, Integral Developmental Coach, and ordained minister, I create experiences and hold space for people to discover purpose and meaning in their lives and step more fully into their...Read More »*

Meet the Board - Peter McNab

Peter McNab



What is your name?

Peter McNab

Where were you born?

Plymouth, England

Where do you live?

East Lancashire, England

What do you do?

I was formerly a teacher and then a social worker, but for the past twenty years I have been running NLP programmes for the general public and in organisations. I also conduct a...Read More »*

Meet The Board - Patrick Kayrooz



What is your name?

Patrick Kayrooz

Where were you born?

Sydney, Australia

Where do you live?

Sydney, Australia

What do you do?

I run Enneagram HQ and enjoy working with people from all different walks of life.

What is your role of the IEA Board?

Marketing portfolio

Tell us a little about what you do on the Board

I contribute...

Día Mundial del Eneagrama

La Asociación Internacional del Eneagrama (IEA) ha organizado el del Día Mundial del Eneagrama por varios años. Es una jornada dedicada a promover el Eneagrama alrededor del mundo y su propósito es aumentar la conciencia sobre este poderoso modelo. En el pasado, distintos tipos de eventos han...Read More »*

World Enneagram Day, 24 May 2014

The IEA has been organizing World Enneagram Day for several years. It is a day dedicated to promoting the Enneagram around the world and the aim is to raise awareness of this powerful model. In the past, many different types of events have been held on, or...Read More »*

Meet The Board - Kathryn Grant

What is your name?

Kathryn Grant

Where were you born?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Where do you live?

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

What do you do?

I have a rather eclectic assortment of things I do. I am primarily an Enneagram teacher. I teach workshops, retreats and facilitate study groups and offer individual consulting in specific enneagram...Read More »*

Meet The Board - Maria Jose Munita


What is your name?

My name is Maria Jose Munita

Where were you born?

I was born in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

Where do you live?

I live in Santiago de Chile, with my husband and two daughters, Trinidad (8) and Josefina (2).

What do you do?

I work as an executive coach and Enneagram...

Meet The Board - Lynda Roberts

What is your name?

Lynda Roberts

Where were you born?

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Where do you live?

Decatur, Georgia (USA)

What do you do?

My work continues to evolve in the direction of teaching and facilitating Enneagram-related workshops and trainings, although I continue to do a bit of business and project management consulting and teaching. As...Read More »*

Meet The Board

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback from last year’s conference in Denver was how much people appreciated having the Board Members more available throughout the three days. We have decided to take this on board and extend our exposure, individually and collectively, in two ways.

First, we shall have...

Carta del Presidente


Feliz Año Nuevo!

Me gusta pensar sobre el comienzo del año como una oportunidad para mirar atrás, y celebrar lo que se logró, así como también identificar lo que podemos aprender. Es también un buen momento para mirar hacia adelante y sonar; para decidir cuáles son las cosas que quiero lograr....Read More »*

IEA Evening in Copenhagen: Nine Lenses on the World

To celebrate the release of Jerry Wagner’s “Nine Lenses on the World” in Danish, the Danish IEA invited its members to come for an evening of reflection and exercises. Lone Stephensen, the publisher, introduced the book and told us about some of the areas in which this book is different...Read More »*

The IEA Italia Event

The first Italian IEA Italia Local Enneagram Event took place on September 14th and 15th 2013 in Sestri Levante, a wonderful seaside town in the Liguria region.

Most participants were invited by local teachers and friends, or out of curiosity about the Enneagram. Some of them decided to become members in...Read More »*

IEA Governance Update: IEA Publications Book Imprint

The IEA was originally formed with the mission of being a hub for information regarding the development of theory and application of the Enneagram. The world has changed since that time, however, and the organization is changing with it. For example, a little thing called the “Internet” has emerged and...Read More »*

Governance Update 2 - Proposals for Presentations

The request for proposals for presentations for the 2014 IEA Conference has been sent out and people will soon be able to submit proposals. Some significant changes were made to the process last year and we have made some tweaks again this year. The two biggest changes last year were putting...Read More »*

IEA France announces the new Board - L'IEA France annonce son nouveau Conseil d'administration

IEA France announces the new Board

We’re very happy to introduce you to the new Board of France.

Last year we decided to change our name from the French Enneagram Association into the French-speaking Enneagram Association in order to be able to welcome Enneagram friends from Belgium and Switzerland.

This modification has borne...

Governance Update 1 - Facebook Page

This first governance update addresses two matters: the change in scope to the IEA Facebook group page and the changes to the conference presenter-selection process.
Recently, the following text was added to the scope of the IEA FB group:

‘The IEA Facebook group is a community-building forum for promoting IEA-related activities (including...Read More »*

Governance Update - Introduction

The IEA Board recognizes how important it is to communicate to our membership. Thus, we will publish occasional Governance Updates here on the Nine Points Magazine portal providing the rationale for decisions we make. The IEA is a member organization; it is not the Board’s organization. Yes, we are charged...Read More »*

A New Series from Tom Condon

Tom has very kindly agreed to post a series of pieces excerpted from “The Dynamic Enneagram”. The full text is available as an e-book serial at

Tom Condon has worked with the Enneagram since 1980 and with Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP since 1977....Read More »*

From The Editor

Peter McNab

It is eight weeks since I left Colorado but images of those few days keep popping into my head. The best word to encapsulate the whole experience for me is “community” (something that MJ wrote about in her recent letter but that we came up with independently. I felt...Read More »*

Some Announcements

1. Tom Condon has very generously agreed to post some substantial pieces from his book, “The Dynamic Enneagram”, on Nine Points; these will start appearing once a week from tomorrow.

2. Albert Kamphuis and Mario Sikora are also writing series of articles for Nine Points too, so keep an eye for...Read More »*

Announcement of Request for Participation – Sherry Andre

Do you know your Instinctual Stack? Would you be interested in sharing your knowledge in an effort to help others more easily recognize their Instinctual Stack? If so, Sherry Andre, a doctoral student at Florida Atlantic University is conducting a validation study on the Riso-Hudson Instinctual Variants...Read More »*

Pasion - Carta del Presidente




Parece que fue hace mucho cuando nos despedimos al final de la conferencia de la IEA en Denver este año. Pero solo fue hace unas semanas atrás!

Cuando me acuerdo de esos días que pasamos en Denver, una sonrisa se me dibuja inmediatamente en la cara. ¿Por qué? Ciertamente puedo...Read More »*

IEA Brazil Announces the new Board

It´s with great pleasure that I introduce you the new board of IEA Brazil.

Between May 24th and 26th, we held our Membership Meeting in Fortaleza / CE, in the northeast of Brazil. In this meeting, the board, led by Alaor Passos and associates, gathered to work on strengthening our community,...Read More »*

É com muito prazer que escrevo para apresentar a nova diretoria da IEA Brasil

Entre os dias 24 e 26 maio de 2013, realizamos nosso I Encontro de Associados, em Fortaleza/CE, na região nordeste do Brasil. Nesse encontro, a diretoria presidida por Alaor Passos e os associados se reuniram para conversar sobre o fortalecimento denossa comunidade,em um clima de muita união e motivação.

Após...

Don Riso - A Tribute from the IEA Membership

The Enneagram Institute posted a lovely tribute to Don; here are a few extracts:

Don Richard Riso, 66, author, counselor, leading authority on the Enneagram personality system, and an influential figure in the human potential movement, died peacefully at his home in Stone Ridge, New York, in the early morning hours...Read More »*

Our President for 2013/2014 by Peter McNab

It is my personal privilege and pleasure to announce that the IEA Board has elected our President for the years 2013 and 2014. María José Munita will act as our President Elect during 2012 and then take on the mantle of President for the next two years. Mario will step...Read More »*