The Swedish Enneagram Association – our first year

The Swedish Enneagram Association (SEA) was founded in November 2011 by around 25 Enneagram enthusiasts from all over Sweden. Since then we have become almost 100 members and we are constantly growing. The main objective of the SEA is to spread the use of the Enneagram in Sweden. We do this through;

  • Networking to spread knowledge and enhance cooperation between our members
  • Being members of the International Enneagram Association (IEA).
  • Contributing to collegial development
  • Making sure that the ethical guidelines of the IEA are followed

Unlike our neighboring country, Denmark, the Enneagram is quiet unknown here so there is a lot of work to doJ

During our first year the board has been pretty busy getting everything together. The most time consuming work has been setting up the website, which was launched in September. You can visit it by following this link:  Another result of the work with the website was a brochure with the same design, which can be downloaded from the website.

In April we had our first annual meeting. Since we did not have a lot to report, only five months after the start of the organization, we also took the chance to give our members some Enneagram theory. This time in the form of a workshop about the instincts.

The next gathering for our members was the “Enneagram day” in November. The morning of that day was spent on guiding our members through the website and how they can participate by sharing their Enneagram activities through the calendar and communicate through the discussion board. The next topic was sharing knowledge and information about what is going on in the Enneagram world. The brochure – which was just hot of the printers – was handed out and everybody got a bunch to spread among those interested in joining.


The after-noon was dedicated to a workshop and this time we had invited Zitta de Fries from Denmark to do “Enneagram Live” with us. During the after-noon we really got to have taste of what it means to ”walk in somebody else’s shoes”. Zitta is a choreographer who has been using the Enneagram with actors in musicals and plays for many years. With the help of Zittas instructions and music we explored the body language of the nine types. Everybody joined in with enthusiasm and it was a truly exiting experience.

Our main goals for next year is to get more local Enneagram activities started around the country.

Merry Christmas on behalf of the Swedish Enneagram Association, through

Tina Tornell

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